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This Wiki is solely dedicated to echo the text from the Desk of Donald J. Trump.

If you are looking for a different wiki or Grassroots please visit our Directory. Please download our PDF Mission Statement, our Tear-Off Flier and email, print, share with everyone!

The last post to the ../desk was made on May 31st, 2021. This mission is suspended until there is an explanation and a chance to draw a final conclusion. Please consider joining this mission, and Echo the POTUS on your own wiki, blog, web!

Our Purpose

A number of mainstream media and public forums owned by these corporations acted to temporarily or permanently remove the account of Donald J. Trump, a natural-born US Citizen, while he was still serving his first term as the 45th President of the United States of America.

As a response we have formed a complete 50-state wide grassroots to grant the use of our individually owned platforms to Donald J. Trump, and echo all the WORDS he WRITES though his Desk. Our mission has no other purpose, and it may be terminated ONLY at the request of Donald J. Trump.


All content, created by the user noted on the bottom of every page (wikiadmin) is licensed by the line directly below it (CC-BY-SA-4.0). This is a READ-ONLY Wiki. There are no other users, and there is no other content licensing.


All text, copied from the Desk of Donald J. Trump is protected by the Terms and Limitation as it is outlined on the page Terms of Service. When Echoing the POTUS please refer to this simple method:

 Echo Guideline

This is a grassroots - every instance of Echoing the POTUS must be an individual effort beyond any doubt - up to and surpassing academic integrity standards. So these are only guidelines, use your own preferences.

Grassroots Rule(s)

You are respectfully asked to fully understand and accept the mission of our grassroots, and do not try to change it. Lend the POTUS your voice, and allow him to speak for himself. Do not comment, do not support or argue, question, debate - do not in any form try to engage anyone, for any reason here, on this wiki and on your wiki.

Instead of trying to change > this < mission use our concepts, templates, network to create your own, compatible missions. Nothing we are building, nothing we have is a secret, you also do not need to buy any license to duplicate it or make it better. Do understand however, that our seal of approval is necessary to call yourself compatible. If we refuse to link to your wiki or forum that's a clue that we have a different purpose.

You are not allowed to ask for money, support, endorsement from any person or organization. You may not promote or endorse any person or organization, specially no political endorsements1). Again, create a different gig for that - we all have all sorts of gigs. Do not mix the purpose of this grassroots with anything else you are involved, and do not make it into a political movement.

If you were found to be violating these simple rules our approval of your wiki and your forum is going to be withdrawn without any warning. You may not appeal, the decision to remove your resources and your person from this grassroots is permanent.

We know its tempting, we know its hard to resist - but you must not endorse!
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